Education Center

As Turkish Aeronautical Association, we believe that the most important factor of high-quality maintenance is qualified personnel who have received the right training. In this context, our Training Institution approved by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation with the Authorization Number TR.147,0007; Our experienced trainer staff that are expert in their field, our theoretical training classrooms equipped with advanced technologies and our practical trainings and exam halls, which we provide on-site thanks to our capabilities within the scope of THK Technical maintenance authorization, and the trainings we provide inside and outside the company;

Type Training Programs

Bombardier(Canadair) CL -215 (PW R2800) [B1.2 and B2 category]
Bombardier(Canadair) CL-215 (PW R2800) (Familiarisation) [C category]
Cessna 172S (Lycoming) [B1.2 and B2 Category]
Cessna 172S (Lycoming) (Familiarisation) [Category C]

Exam Schedules

Cessna 208/280B (PWC PT6) [B1.1 and B2 Category]

SHY/SHT – 145 Training Programs

Maintenance Organizations Handbook
Maintenance Education and Examination Organization
Human Factors (Beginner and Refresher)
SHY/SHT -145 (Beginner and Refresher)
SHY/SHT – 66 (Beginner and Refresher)
SHY/SHT – M (Beginner and Refresher)
SHY/SHT - 147(Beginner and Refresher)
Receipt Storage
Fuel Tank Safety (FTS)
Electrical Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS)
Electro Static Discharge (ESD)
Dangerous Goods Awareness (DGR)
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Safety Management System (SMS) (Start and Refresh)
Safety Management Manual (EYEK)
ISO 9001 Quality Management System Basic Training
ISO 9001 Quality Management System Internal Auditor
Non Destructive Test (NDT) (Awareness)
Hidden Damage Item (HDI) P

TASK Trainings

CL-215 Engine Start
Filling and Using FORM 1
Aircraft Towing/Parking/Securing
Aircraft Washing
Refuelling and Unloading
Aircraft Service Operations
TECNAM P2002JF Engine Start
TECNAM P2006T Engine Start
PIPER PA-44 (LYCOMING) Engine Start
CESSNA 172S (LYCOMING) Engine Start
Use of Aircraft Technical Documents
Non Destructive Test (NDT) Awareness
Rotax Engines Heavy Maintenance (912/914 SERIES)
GILL TDMC-90 / 12-24 VOLT Lead Acid Battery Charger
Lead Acid (Lead Acid) Battery Service and Maintenance Procedures
Nickel Cadmium Battery Service and Maintenance Procedures