About Us

The Technical Incorporation of Turkish Aeronautical Association (TAA Technical Inc. [THK Teknik A.Ş. in Turkish]), which was built as the maintenance organization of the first aviation center of the Republic of Turkey, is located at Etimesgut Airport-that is 10 km away from the city center of Ankara- and used jointly with the Turkish Air Force. Its advantageous location in the center of the Capital City of Turkey makes TAA Technical Inc. an ideal business partner for international organizations as well as establishing cooperation with domestic organizations.

Continuing its development within the body of the Turkish Aeronautical Association, the Maintenance Center, which was established under the name of "Turkish Aircraft Society" in 1925 with the directives of the Great Leader Atatürk, was re-entitled as (TAA Technical Inc. [THK Teknik A.Ş. in Turkish]) in 2013 and has been continuing its activities as an association at the TAA.

With the understanding of flight safety as a principle, TAA Technical Inc. provides a wide range of services from maintenance of aircraft with a maximum take-off weight above and below 5700 kg, to maintenance of gliders and rotary wing aircraft, from component maintenance to engine revisions. In addition to maintenance activities, it has managed to be among the leading technical training institutions of Turkey by providing trainings within the scope of SHY-145 and SHY-147 with its conspicuously professional and expert staffs.

According to the Transparent Management system without compromising safety, TAA Technical Inc. aims to minimize the loss of time, material, and labor during the activities. Thus, it effectively uses the “Minimum Time Maximum Safety” strategy to perform the tasks it has undertaken. TAA Technical Inc., which takes care to maintain waste management with a high environmental awareness while carrying out its works, aims to transfer TAA Technical Inc.-the property of the Great Turkish Nation-to future generations more effectively and efficiently.

With its 4 hangars at the Etimesgut Airport and line stations located in various parts of the country as well as its growing number of workplaces and experienced employees, TAA Technical Inc. has the workforce and workspace that can parallelly meet the needs of its business partners. Continuing its services within the scope of approval of SHY-145 and SHY-147 authorization certificates issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, TAA Technical Inc. is proud to concurrently take part in the very high national value projects of the Presidency of Defense Industries.