Message from the General Manager

The TAA is a national organization that was established by the Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1925 and has come to this day with the sublime donations of the Turkish nation such as fitra, zakat and sacrifice skins. With the awareness of being a strong, reliable, and well-established organization operating in the public interest with the support and assistance of the Turkish people, it aims to continue its strategies with a management approach adopting modern and transparent governance principles that consider the interests of the country and all its stakeholders together.

TAA Technic Aircraft Maintenance Services Inc. started to serve the civil aviation sector in 2013 under the SHY-145 authorization to support military, civil and sportive aviation in Turkey. TAA Technic Inc., which has a high-level technical infrastructure in the civil aviation sector, has succeeded in being among the leading organizations of our country in the planned maintenance of aircraft and components and troubleshooting activities. In addition to maintenance activities, TAA Technic Aircraft Maintenance Services Inc. offers training opportunities to the independent aviation organizations with its training staff, which includes expert trainers.

As of 20.12.2019, I have been appointed as the General Manager of the TAA Technic Aircraft Maintenance Services Inc. which is a proud member of the TAA family. Along with coming to the office, the following tasks have been fulfilled: structural reforms have been made since the first days of 2020, and the necessary quality principles have been observed within the scope of SHY-145 authorization, from the planning stage of all logistics and maintenance activities to the final exit point of the services, and the processes have been taken under control. In this context:
- Studies are continuing to ensure aircraft maintenance, planning and implementation efficiency and to make TAA Technical Aircraft Maintenance Services Inc. a Continuous Airworthiness Organization to increase the service quality for other non-group companies in the civil aviation sector.
- The entire logistics structuring has been managed from a single source, warehouses have been combined and supply has been managed from a single source. By switching to a single-center-oriented procurement system in our material management system, efficiency was targeted in material procurement and usage processes, and significant savings were achieved.
- By incorporating our human resources, finance, and accounting units into TAA Technical Aircraft Maintenance Services Inc., a more effective management approach has been adopted.
- Transfer of the management and operation of EC-135 Helicopters-whose activities continue in our Isparta facilities-to the facilities of the TAA Technical Aircraft Maintenance Services Inc. in Ankara has been taken place to achieve a single-handle center management and to improve flight safety.
- All necessary maintenance of the CL-215 aircraft within the scope of preparations for the fire season has been carried out and will continue to serve our country.

The Depot-Level Maintenance Project for 18 number of Mi-17 Helicopters belonging to the Gendarmerie General Command under the auspices of the Presidency of Defense Industries continues. Considering the management and control aspects of the Mi-17 Helicopters DSB-2 Project ongoing at our Isparta facilities, its transfer to the TAA Technical Aircraft Maintenance Services Inc. in Ankara has reached the final stage.

General Manager