The Turkish Aeronautical Association was established on February 16, 1925-16 months after the proclamation of the Republic-under the name of "Turkish Aircraft Society", by the orders of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.



In 1929, the Turkish Aeronautical Association became a member of the International Aviation Federation (FAI), which is the highest level international body in the field of sportive aviation, enabling the worldwide development of aviation activities.


Schools and Training Camps

Parachute, glider, powered flight and model aircraft schools opened one after another, İnönü Glider Camp, which was put into service on July 10, 1936, Etimesgut Motorized Flight Camp opened in 1937, and Ankara and İzmir Parachute towers built in the same year brought thousands of young people together.



To get young people interested in aviation to meet different country cultures and in turn to introduce their own culture, TAA became a member of the IACE (International Air Cadet Exchange)-which was established in 1947 in order to develop international understanding, tolerance and friendship-in 1953.



In 1998, the Turkish Aeronautical Association became a member of the European Air Sports Association (EASA), which works to adapt the regulations of the European Aviation Authority (EASA) for general aviation in a way that does not restrict amateur and sportive aviation and conducts lobbying activities before the EU bodies in Brussels.


TAA Technic Inc.

In 2013, TAA Technic Inc. was established with an experienced technical team specialized in the field to carry out maintenance activities of aircraft and components.


Machinist School

On April 23, 1926, the “Aircraft Machinist School” was put into service in order to train the technical personnel needed by Turkish Aviation.


TAA and Türkkuşu

The name of the Association was changed to "Turkish Aeronautical Association" (TAA) with the decision of the General Assembly. This was not only a couple of nice words said in the enthusiasm of those years, but also a target set before the Republic of Turkey. For this purpose, Türkkuşu was established on May 3, 1935.


Aircraft Factory

Etimesgut Aircraft Factory was established between 1939-1941 with the request of General Staff before the Second World War. At the Etimesgut Aircraft Factory-which started production in 1944 and was a very comprehensive enterprise, TAA-1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 13 gliders and TAA-2, 5 and 10 types of training, health and transportation planes were produced together with Magister aircraft.


Sports Aviation

Especially after the 1980s, TAA made great progress in sports aviation and international relations after 1980s and 1990, respectively. The authority-which started aerial fire extinguishing activities in 1985-followed an effective policy at the FAI General Assembly and Commission meetings, by which TAA and Turkey were brought to the fore. In addition to the existing glider, parachute, flight school and model airplane school, the Very Light Air Vehicles School was established in 1996, which includes balloon, sail wing and paragliding.


TAA Aviation Foundation

In order to fulfill the purposes and duties specified in the statute of TAA and accordingly to adopt and popularize aviation, space and satellite studies in the Turkish Nation by carrying out activities in scientific, technical, commercial, touristic, sportive, aviation, education, health, cultural and social fields in order to, the Aviation Foundation was established in 2010.